Friday, May 24, 2013


I won't apologize or make excuses for not writing all the goodbyes I intended to write.  Please.  You know me.  Did you really expect that?  I don't feel guilty.  But I will at least acknowledge that there's been a drought.  It didn't go unnoticed.  Let me summarize this: life is fun and full and sad and beautiful.  Now to the point.

5 days.

FIVE fu-reaking DAYS!

This is going to change into a mission blog after I leave. (i know.  I know. Mission blog.  I'll fight off the shudders if you do.)  I'm going to try and make some time to write down of the funny anecdotes that happen.  But that's in addition to all the emailing and writing some of you don't believe I'll be doing. (Ahem.  John. Ahem.  I'm going to prove you wrong.)  If you want extensive details well - you won't.  How boring would a minute by minute recitation of my day be?  Here let me help you out with that answer.  Super. Boring.  But iiiiiif, hypothetically speaking you did want some more in depth-stuff, here's my email:

And even if my posts aren't consistent, I (or rather, Carol, bless you dear sweet woman) will be putting up my mailing address.  So if you REALLY want to get personal - and you do, right?  riiiiiiight - send me some letters.

When in doubt, send them to the mission home.

Sister Sierra Jade Gish
England Manchester Mission
Springwood, Suite G5
Booths PArk, Chelford Road
Knutsford WA16 8GS
England, United Kingdom

And if you can address that ridiculously long thing and write me a letter, I'll be very impressed.  Like pay for your carpel tunnel surgery impressed and grateful.

Right.  So that's that.

Miss me.  I'll miss all of you.

K bye.

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