Monday, November 18, 2013

Losing the Keys to the Kingdom

When you've been in a ward for 6 months, you get to know the members pretty well.  And they get to know you pretty well, too well perhaps.  Now I've learned a lot of things as a missionary.  Grown a lot, learned discipline in many ways I lacked.  But one thing lives on.
The infamous ability to lose/forget things.
Our ward mission leader, after returning my white handbook which was left in his car for two weeks, looked at me thoughtfully and mused, "You do forget a lot of things don't you Sister Gish?" 
Well maybe.  I do leave my proselyting Book of Mormon at a member's home at least once a week.  They've stopped asking who it belongs to, they just text me, "Sister Gish, your Book of Mormon is here."  
("Ah thank you, Graham.  Thank you, scheeze.") 
And on Saturday I managed to lock us out of the apartment.  Sister Toly had a proper freak out, rightfully so.  I always grab the keys.  I ALWAYS GRAB THE KEYS.  Except this once, when I also left my planner, bus pass, and the list of names/streets we were going to be stopping by the entire afternoon. 
Judge, Judge, Judge.  Go ahead.  I can hear the sound of it all the way over here in Wales and I don't even mind.
Luckily the landlord's office is close by and they have a spare set of keys.  The lady also said, "Oh, YOU again" which is quite unfair really because I swear this hasn't happened while I've been here.  Let's blame the Elders that were in the flat 9 months ago.
I'm also earning a rep as a cheeky missionary.   Last week I was on exchange and all I wanted all day was to just have some chocolate.  I was craving like a pregnant woman.  (At least that's how I hear they are...Lizzie?.. care to expound?)
  So when we went by a less active's house and she HAD chocolate sitting out on the table but went the entire lesson without offering us any... of COURSE i was going to comment and asked if it was all left over from Halloween.  "Oh no you don't have to offer me any...really, I was just wondering!  No children came by?  Shame.  Oh well, I suppose if you really want me to...."
And then I stole the Elders tea appointment.  Because the family preparing them tea wasn't home, just the mom, and they're not allowed to go in without another adult of their gender, so she called me to get their phone number so she could cancel with them.  And, seeing the opportunity, I asked, "Does that mean you want the sisters to come instead?"  And true to British style she responded rather nonchalantly, "Well you can do."  So we did. 
But sometimes a rep is a good thing, at least when you get treats dropped off at your doorstep and they know you well enough to personalize your juice boxes.  (thank you "Ginger Giant" and "Secret Ninja" I know ONE of you reads this blog.)
Inline image 1 
 I love how well you know me.  I definitely got the better juice box. 
 Inline image 2
 ('m making my best alien face, if you can't tell.  we look alike don't you think?)
 (ps as if to cement my earlier statements, I just realized i left my memory card/USB stick in the computer i used a half hour ago.)

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