Tuesday, August 5, 2014

  Luv er lee Liverpool



We live in a block of apartments, right by a park where we can go out in the morning.  I actually ran once or twice.  It felt good.  We live across from a pub and every few nights we can hear karaoke going on, it's pretty funny. 

The people are friendly.   The ward is about 100 - 110 people.  We signed ourselves up for 3 tea appointments this week.  This is going to be an area of healing.  I can already tell I will love it here.  There are 4 sets of missionaries in the ward; the most I have ever experienced. 2 sets elders, 2 sets sisters.

Photos from Transfer Day

We can bus, but we've mostly been walking everywhere which makes it easier just to talk to people all the time.  We're "whitewashing" which is new for me.  But starting form scratch means we have nothing to do but find, and we're having so much fun with that.  I'm loving it.

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