Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A few quick thoughts between my goodbyes.

- "Hmmmm five pairs of clean underwear left.  10.. 11.. 12.. days till till I go home.  Zero quarters for laundry."

- "How do you cite scriptures?  Are they a book?  Cite: author's first name and last name.  Ummm God?  and... God."

-"Wow I like this outfit.  It only took me until six thirty p.m. to get it right.  Let's see.  I wore it Monday night.  So my Tuesday classes haven't seen it yet.  But that's too close.  Wednesday classes didn't see it.  Ok so I'll wear it again on Wednesday.  And then the next week on Thursday.  Perfect."

-"Yeah it's Gish.  Hard G.  Not jish.  Would it kill you to find that out before you announce it to everyone?"

-"Who am I to write about the uncomfortable psychological repercussions of getting kickballs aimed at my head in elementary school when there are stories of abuse, addiction, cancer, and lost family members?  Who am I to deem my experiences important - experiences covered in teasing self deprecation to hide the pride that really is the purpose of sharing this?  Who am I too see my quiet awkwardness as worthy of any note?  No one. That's who."

-"Shoot.  I owe Ryan bananas."

-"Email those people about a job application follow up."

-"Cancel my netflix!"

-"I want calves like that.  Rising gracefully above the delicate strength of my sharp ankles and defined feet.  I want calves like that. Marbled skin supple and so taught that if split, it would curl and peel back like flower petals, revealing compact powerful muscle that flexes with every movement.  I want calves like that.  Capable and beautiful."

-"When I part my hair in the middle it looks an awful lot like this:

-"Does Wal-Mart sell bridal shower worthy lingerie?  Oh, and bring hummus."

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