Saturday, April 28, 2012

To Popcorn Thursday


Bay Girl

Big Girl

Big Earl


We have a disgusting lack of pictures together.

You made not just my first year, or my second year, but both years so much better.  On the days I felt homesick, there was nothing quite like seeing your face.  As much as I love the new friends I've made, something special exists in a friend who's known you for longer than a semester or two.  We go back to 10th grade and I loved feeling like someone knew me.  Not just the me I'd introduced to people at college but the me with some history.  While I was still meeting people and doing the awkward chit chat (my other seventh level of hell) we were having real conversations, talking about thoughts and ideas and a variety of topics. 

I like you because we share the same opinions about things overly "cutesy."  While some things may leave certain people gooey with dreaming and longing, you appreciate my eye roll and mimic of vomiting.  Childish?  Yes.  Get over it.
I like you because you like yourself and don't need the attention of other for validation
I like you because together we laugh at incredibly tacky Christmas decorations together.  I meant to post about that one.  The pictures don't quite do the horror justice, but it was a very fun night.
I like you for all the abbrevs you've into-ed to my life.  Sers.  Abbrevs are just totes the best.  You are totes adorbs.

I learned from you to find my passion and throw myself into it.  I so admire how many things you've been involved in.  From the newspaper, to several leadership positions, to giving tours, and talking to prospective students, you've about done it all.  It makes me want to try new things.  In a word, you are BOLD.  I admire your confidence in getting up in front of a crowd, and the way you conduct yourself. 

I learned from you the value of poise.  Yes you joke and goof off, but without a bit of show-offy-ness. (I'm sure there's an actual word to substitute in there.  But I don't have my dictionary currently with me.)  Sometimes I expect a little more glory than I should from my actions, but you inspire me to be a bit more humble and accomplish tasks for the sake of getting them accomplished.

I learned that I have to work to keep relationships that I value.  Since we never saw each other on campus, we deemed Thursday "Popcorn Thursday," from our mutual love of air-popped corn and desire to catch up.  With some slight struggles, we kept it up for four semesters.

And now after pounds of popcorn and a plethora of Modern Family episodes, here we are nearing our last popcorn Thursday.

We're going to have to find a new substitute.  Perhaps Skype Saturdays?  Phone call phwednesdays? 

I think of you as kind of a classic.  Steady, not sailing around in need of pleasing the newest trends and fads. Thank you, for that influence.

Let's stay friends.  I need your good taste in my life. 

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  1. gish, i am truly honored! i am going to miss you and our popcorn thursdays so much! this week's will be EPIC.

    haha and phone call phwendsdays is probably the best idea in the world. its a deal.