Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sweater Day 2

1 final down, 4 to go.

Here's what's next:

It really is a shame I'm studying in an area that is like ninety percent attractive man.

The full sweater effect.
I won't tell you how long it took to get that picture
*Close this eye.. no wait.. the other eye!  No wait tilt head the other way!  Shoot, it looks like I'm in pain.  Should I smile?  AGH that 's worse!  Delete!  Delete! Oh well."

Also if you think you just felt an earthquake -  you didn't.  It was just the sound of every stomach in a 500 foot radius of me, growling as they watch me finish off the most delicious philly cheese steak e'er.  (Thanks mom.)  *EARTHQUAKE CAUSED BY GROWLS OF STARVING COLLEGE STUDENTS*  Breaking news, you heard it here first.  Someone call Fox 13 and tell them to call off their yellow journali ahem.  Reporters.

I'd post a picture of it but then I remembered I'm viciously opposed to posting food pictures.  It's an ethical thing.  (See mom?  I do have some morals.  Damn morals.)  Also... I ate it. Please, you think it's going to last long enough for me to stop stuffing my face and take a picture?  Good.  And you probably don't want to see a picture of what a stomach looks like while it's digesting food.

Wait you do???


Anatomy is the best.

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  1. haha i love it! everyday it's this moment of anticipation..."what sweater will gish wear today?!" truly an inspiration for getting through finals.