Saturday, December 1, 2012

Just Another Day at the University of the BY

A conversation between me and a complete stranger.

(I'm walking out of the building behind her)

Her: *Pushing the door from the wrong side* "Oh shoot that's embarrassing!" *sideways glance at me*

Me: "Don't worry, it happens to the best of us"

(We continue to walk, coincidentally going in the same direction.  Which I guess means to some people that the tactful thing to do is carry on a conversation.)

Her: "So the review helped don't you think?  I was actually surprised at how much I remembered."

Me: "Well yeah I guess the integration of material helps because now instead of just memorizing random words there's some meaning behind them to make it easier to understand."

Her: "Yeah.  You know I don't really feel like throwing pots at your husband is a good idea though."

Me: "Wait what?"

Her: "You know, how they were saying in Cohash* culture it's like a sign of endearment to throw a pan at your husband?"

Me:  "I'm sorry, what review did you just get out of?"

Her: "Oh.... probably not the same one as you."

Me (delightedly trying not to bust up): "Yeah, I just came from Anatomy."

Her: "Oh mine was something something cultural science heritage something global crap."

Fine that last quote wasn't exact.  I don't remember what she said.  Mercifully at that point I was turning right and she was headed to the left.  So I could laugh all I wanted.  

Bless people.

*Also I have no idea what she said.  I was thinking about CoASH which is acetyl CoA from chemistry.  Probably that's not what she was talking about either.  Unless those enzymes have a violent domestic life we just haven't covered yet.


  1. I feel like that interaction would be something I would be involved in. Only I would be the one turning left. Bless ME!

  2. Haha Ang I'd do the same thing. And then I'd kick myself for the rest of the day for attempting to go out of my comfort zone and be friendly. But it's a good thing right? Because it made my day so much better.