Monday, July 8, 2013

Fantastic Fourth

I'm SUCH a sister missionary now.  How can you tell?  We've made the infamous scripture cases.  The ones cut out of cereal boxes and covered with gospel pictures.  The whole flat has them actually.  And the fervor carried to even my planner (which I have taken pictures of for your awe and amazement.)  It's sick.

Here's the order of the blog today.


Because the funniest stories tend to be the rejection stories and I share those for interest, but I want you to also recognize that things are going well too.

Have I talked about bus contacting yet?  Yeah we pray on buses regularly*  And this week I think we never actually made it to our original destination because we either continue to the furthest stop in order to finish a conversation, or get off somewhere else to follow someone.  I mean, continue talking to someone.  That sounded incredibly creepsy the way I put it.

ANYWAY.  This week we "conveniently" were stopping at the same place as this man we'd struck up a conversation with.  When we introduced ourselves as Sisters he laughed and said we could call him brother Brian.  Brother Brian may or may not have been in a completely sober state of mind.  But it was raining outside (surprise) and he was carrying heavy buckets so we walked a little ways with him so I could hold my umbrella over him.  At the end of the road we parted and Brother Brian had the idea that we each pray.  Brilliant yes?  So we took turns and Brother Brian finished with delightful prayer asking that we might join HIS church.  

I love people.

I went on an exchange this week and when I came back on Saturday we realized that Sis Brown (who'd taken my place in Rhyl) had taken my bus pass with her back to Crewe, thus rendering our plans for the rest of the day completely useless.  And this is how God works sometimes.  We prayed to know what to do and then just started walking.  I felt like we should turn down a street and ran into: Lo and Behold, a man we'd talked to many weeks ago in the library and had come to church once or twice.  So we invited him to the mission home fireside on Sunday and he agreed.

Funny: Sis N saw a door of a house she wanted to knock on and a big man in a deep purple flowered shirt open the door and said in a booming voice:


Did I say I love people?  I really do.


...these animals are the bane of my existence.

We had two appointments for tea complete with fireworks, hamburgers and hotdogs provided by kind members to help me celebrate July 4th.

... 'merica



*reglarly: for Josh Gibbons if you even read this blog and can imagine how that sound in your head and get the joke.  It's a stretch, I'll admit it, but I'm laughing so it's ok.

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