Monday, July 29, 2013


Elder George R. Donaldson

In Which Sister Gish Sticks Her Foot In Her Mouth

We had a tea appointment with a family in the ward.  He's a General Authority and so travels a lot.  The other set of sisters (having been in the area longer) have been there a few times and are teaching his less active brother and so have quite a good relationship with them.  But this and was our first chance to have dinner with him and his wife.
They live in a nice area of town with a pretty house and flowery well kept garden.  The meal was... a roast dinner!  with gravy and potatoes and carrots!  SURPRISE!*
We had a nice conversation and learned about their family and talked about the upcoming mission conference.  During dessert we also talked about how they'd met and some funny stories about their children meeting their spouses.  Sister Donaldson mentioned how her daughter had seen an old boyfriend at some meeting and joked about how he'd gotten fat joked that she ended up with the better one in the end.  Elder Donaldson defended him by saying, "oh it's in the genes, and the best ones get chubby."  

He said this with a bit of a twinkle in his eye and looked at me.  So I looked back at him and said, "oh, speaking from experience?"
I don't know where it came from.  Honestly.   I'm so snarky at home right but I've been UBER polite as a missionary.  It was dead silent for a minute while I contemplated the eternal consequences of calling a general authority fat and then thankfully everyone started laughing. 
I started apologizing immediately and said, "I used to be so biting at home and I've really been working on it and I'm so sorry sometimes I still fail in a big way and ..."
And he looked at me and said, "in a BIG way huh?"
So when I show up on the next plane home - don't be too surprised.

Love you!

*not. not a surprise at. all.

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