Monday, September 30, 2013


It's A Bird, It's a Train... Nope, Just Sister Missionaries

Dignity is such an overrated quality.  This was rather forcibly decided for me as I ran (and I do mean RAN) from Manchester Piccadilly Bus Station to the Manchester Train Station in the 7 minute gap we had to catch the train.  Ran in a skirt and sister missionary shoes with two bags in my hands like my life depended on it.  And it did kind of because the next train didn't leave for two hours after that which would mean we'd arrive home around midnight.  Which is, as a missionary, SPIRITUAL DEATH.

We dodged around people and looked like complete fools I'm sure, but... so did they.  Obviously they've never seen 4 sister missionaries with a deadline because their faces showed complete shock.  (They were beginning to be astonished* I'd say.)  My favorite was an Asian man on the phone who let out a high pitched "oooooo" and pressed himself against a signpost to get out of our way.  Thank you sir, by the way.  

I hope your normal voice doesn't actually operate in that register.  

Other notable events:
my first steak and kidney pie (and probably my last)
The wedding of a recent convert -  we went to the Temple to be on the grounds with nonmember family which was kind of nice.

The baking for said wedding

And a training on modesty by the assistants to the President.

Let me close with a little shout out - because my readers feed my ego and therefore I endeavor to feed theirs.

HI NICOLA FISHER!  You are currently my favorite because you said you'd comment on all my posts and also said that I escaped the dreaded "Utah Mormon" stereotype and have a great sense of humor. 

Till next week.

And I was serious about bribing for letters.  5 = one package.  But if they include pictures and are spritzed with perfume to cover up the smell of my desperation then it's 4. 

*Just a little scriptural language humor there for ya.  Did you catch it?  Didya?

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  1. Sister Gish! You are currently my favourite! Because you make me laugh and you gave me a shout out��