Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Things Just Got RHYL ...again!

 Yep here I am.  Same place still.  Which means they will probably move me out next transfer, which is right before Christimas and vaguely cruel.  But that is alright.

Alrighty, I need to take of few moments to pay tribute to some to of the dear friends I have made here.  This is partly bribery, because I promised her that if she commented on all my posts then I would say a few tender words*.

Nicola is just the best.  Not only because she tells me I have such a great sense of humor - though she's right - but because of that time I was sick and sat at the edge of the Cultural Hall with five jackets on top of me watching people participate in our sports night and she sat next to me and kept me company.  
And before that, she drove over for a teaching appointment that fell through but didn't even judge. 

Also sometimes we share Capri Suns when we're in missionary coordination meeting after church and there are five different conversations going and our eyes about to bug out.  This is Friendship.

And now I have twenty minutes left and one last email to write. 

*was that tender enough? 


  1. Well this is just the most precious thing I have ever read! Haha! I love you sister Gish! You make me laugh so much!!! Hahah!

  2. P.s where did you get the photo from? Haha!