Monday, October 14, 2013

Wee Welsh Writers

A Successful Day's Work

Congratulations, I'm going to let you all in on a sneak peak of New York Time's next bestseller.  This is written by one of the little boys in the ward.


 It's pretty great - even though I don't have very many lines and my name is never capitalized.  Which is either because I don't qualify as a real person or because a capital G is rough to remember in the life of a 10 year old.  I do, however, have sonic lipstick so that really makes up for everything else doesn't it?

"Empire of the Darleks"

The Doctor went to Clara's and Sister gish's house and the Doctor rang the door bell and Clara and Sister gish answered the door and the Doctor said, "Let's go to the Tardis."

"Ok" said Clara and Sister gish.

Then they got  into the Tardis and travelled to a planet Skyro were* the Darleks live but Clara and Sister gish didn't know that the Darleks live here and then "The Darleks live here" said the Doctor. 

"They are my first enamy" said the Doctor.
The Doctor, Clara and Sister gish went into the broken building because the cybermen had the're revenge on the Darleks so when they got into the building they were still making 2,000 more and there was all ready 7,000 so they ceped on walking but a darlek saw them and the Doctor said "Run they have lazers like the cybermen"

"Ok!" Said Clara
"Ok!" Said Sister gish

"Clara, Sister gish has a sonic lipstic of one of my old freaind so now you have lazers shoot the Darleks" said the Doctor

"Ok!" Said Clara
"Ok!" Said Sister gish

Then they started shooting the Darleks and more and more cepted on coming and they cepted shooting then they ran out side with Darleks after them and outside they saw 5,000 more so they started to shoot the Darleks angin and all the Darleks was blew up but the machine in the building and they all went back into the building and blew up the building and they all ran out and the Darleks blew up and they all went home.

*for your enjoyment I kept (cepted) the spelling and grammar errors.  They're endearing.

ps...we, our family, thinks one author looks a bit like Griff as a tyke.

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