Monday, January 20, 2014

One Good Turn....

22  Ways I'm Turning into My Parents
(Hi Mom.  Amylah?)

1.  I carry a water bottle with me everywhere.
2. I can't function unless I've had a drink from said water bottle.
3.  I adore the earrings my Mom sent me.  She'd totally wear them.
4.  Tissue  packets can always be found in my purse.
5.  Children suddenly seem to like me?
6.  The even weirder part... I ... actually like them too?  I like children? 
7.  I'll spend a day in an art museum, no problem.
8.  Our hair is getting to be about the same length - my Mother and mine, that is. 
9.  If I were home and it was allowed to listen to the radio, I'd probably be listening to BYU Radio.
10. I love MoTab.
11.  Whenever food is nicely arranged on a plate i fight the urge to say, "Oh that's beautiful."
12.  I've stopped telling people when my birthday is (or it's getting less at least).
13.  Occasionally I get joked up about scripture study
14.  I'm fascinated to hear where people are from, and their entire life story.
15.  Early bed time sounds so good. 
16.  I'm physically unable to take naps.
17.  "Walks" are becoming enjoyable, not boring.
18.  I love to stop into little towns just to "poke around".
19.  Sometimes I stop talking halfway through a sentence and just drift...
20.  The beauty of nature stuns me.
21.  I look for everything on sale first
22.  I scorn Hershey's chocolate. Pass the *Lindt please.  

(*I did not understand that Mom.  I thought you were SUCH a killjoy.  Now I understand.)

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