Monday, January 27, 2014

22 Things I've Learned as a Missionary


1. When I miss the bus, that is a clue to start talking to even more people.  There is someone to find.

2. Heavenly Father will go any distance for one person.

3. If I want something to happen - do it. Don't wait for my companion,... the Bishop, ...the District Leader,... just get it done!

4. Missionaries do Nothing. They are just the vessel for the Lord. He does everything, the Spirit does everything.

5. The way my testimony grows is through study. Some people, it is prayer, others learn from discussion or listening. For me, it is the scriptures. It is the scriptures and a pencil and paper.

6. Bus schedules... Who'd have thought I'd come and learn how to master bus schedules?

7. Dittos for maps. I'm a pro at reading a map now.

8. Sometimes you have to act before you can receive promptings.

9. Allowing people to change is the greatest kind of love you can give them.

10. Write things down. I used planners before, but never have so valued "To Do" lists.

11. Big goals must be accomplished by little goals.

12. Speak with shorter sentences. Use one descriptive word, not ten (I am infamous for the latter)

13. Teaching requires Listening.

14. If I don't say it, no one else will know what I'm thinking, no one else will understand what the heck I'm doing.

15. The value of sincerity incredibly high.

16. People cannot be dealt with collectively, they must be met one by one.

17. If you know a little about where a person comes from, they wll trust you a lot more.

18. No effort is wasted.

19. Some people have such sincerity and purity, you cannot be around them without feeling uplifted. I have seen their faces, "lit up with the gospel".

20. A favorite Holland quote, " Surely the thing God enjoys most about being God is the thrill of being merciful, especially to those who don’t expect it and often feel they don’t deserve it."

21. The gospel brings me peace.

22. If nothing else, I know that my Redeemer Lives.

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