Monday, June 16, 2014

Liar...Liar...Hair On Fire?

Lies I have Told:
A conversation with sister Eichorst:
E: I think I want to get a pixie cut when I go home
G: (like a child at Christmas) Why wait?  I'll cut it for you now. 
E: Do you even know how to cut hair?
G: .... Yeah... I've done it loads* of times
* twice.  Or maybe just once. And I think he went to the barber the next day...
Maybe if the BYU thing doesn't work out I'll go on to realise my new calling of hairstylist. 
I can't believe she fell for it.  She was speaking in church the next day and everything. 
Next time any of you want a haircut and I offer: well you've been warned.




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