Monday, April 14, 2014

Strong Work

Hello All!  

It has been a crazy week so I'm going to mass email all of you.  Sorry to be so impersonal. You'll understand why later.

 In response to mom's email: I really appreciate the honesty of that missionary.  We sugarcoat things a lot of times out here.  Or at least we recognise that it's no use complaining and concentrate on the positive, but it does turn into sugarcoating sometimes.  

The truth is, missionary work is hard in a way no other work is.  You put it well when you said that the glimpses are few and far between.  The months are long, the weeks are long, the days are long, the months and weeks and days are all so short.  It is nearly impossible to comprehend it all.  

However, I can say now, looking back on my trials, that I really am grateful.  I have learned a lot about my capacity with the Lord's help.  It is infinite.  The only limitations are the ones I put on when I am tired. It is the most selfless thing I have ever done.  You'll hear more about this later.  But we can choose our attitude, no matter the situation.

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