Monday, November 10, 2014

Simin's Spirit

...Except for Simin, here's a miracle about her:
She is so thirsty for the gospel. 
 We taught her the word of wisdom and when we mentioned tea she said, "I drink tea all the time!" But after a moment she simply said, "Ok, if it's what God wants I'll stop." 
 We couldn't even explain in great detail the benefits/harms of this, but she knows it's true so she accepted it. It really goes to show that it's not the flowery language that converts, it's a simple receptiveness to the spirit

 The baptism was so incredible.  Simin is amazing.  I was so happy to be there.  I really really miss it, and Sister Hansen.  It was small and Simin was ill but all went smoothly. 
After she was baptised and changed she sat down next to me and looked in my eyes and just said, "wow."  
She'll never forget that day.  She's so devoted. She loves that gospel enough to sacrifice for it.  


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