Monday, October 20, 2014

Mind Your Manchester Manners

Want to Hear a Funny Story? 
We had a tea appointment at the home of member yesterday and some of their grandchildren (Primary age) were there as well. 
During pudding (dessert) the grandma said, to the 6 year old grandson, in a very sharp (British style) reprimand,
 "Take your elbows off the table this instant!"  
Well, I noticed my elbows were ALSO on the table so I tried to subtley remove them as well but the grandpa sitting next to me noticed and started to crack up.  I was a touch embarrassed. 
I should've listened to you more about table manners!


The Transfer Back Story
How it happened:
Here's the transfer news:  I'm being transferred!  I'm absolutely stunned.  I thought if anyone would leave it'd be Sister Hansen.  nope she's staying to train a brand new missionary.
I'm leaving to...... Crewe!  Also to train a new missionary.  We were supposed to get those calls on Thursday but they never came until Saturday morning, 10 minutes before everyone else found out.  So we were pretty surprised to say the least. 
Haha the assistants called while Sister Hansen was in the shower and asked for her, so I asked if she could call them back.  Then I screamed, "SISTERHANSENGETOUTOFTHESHOWERRIGHTNOWYOUJUSTGOTATRANSFERCALLYOUNEEDTOCALLTHEMBACKRIGHTNOW"
She didn't believe but came flying out of the shower in her towel anyway. 
She didn't believe me till I showed her the phone record of calls, then she put on clothes and called them back.
I guess if I have to end without Sister Hansen, I would want to end training.  It will be a great way to grow and grow and just go hard till the end.  (the end is so tangible now.  I don't like it.) 
... picture of the g\Griffiths family whom I really love.  They have a 5 year old son and every time I see him I say,
"Ben, kiss my cheek" and he does it.  (Then I reward him with chocolate.)  I love that little boy. 

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