Monday, October 6, 2014


We get to go to Costco today!  Elder Nesbesnii has a Costco card for some reason. 

I am so excited.
We're going to buy pumpkins to carve and all sorts of other American things.  God bless America.

Weekly Things:
I learned that hummus has an expiration date about ten days shorter than I thought it was.

We were talking to a woman on her doorstep and she took hold of my hand, she pulled me closer and put her other hand on my forehead and said, "Bless you my child."  Then she cracked up laughing.

There are posters up all over City Centre advertising Wicked.  YOU NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT IT.  WAS IT AMAZING?  I WANT TO SEEEEE IT.

We went contacting at the University.  At first I had an anxiety attack looking at all the students but after we got going it was really good.  We went of splits with the other sisters to learn from them because they Uni contact often (lots of Chinese students there.) 

All you have to is make eye contact with a Chinese student and say, "Neehow, Neehow!"  And they'll come over and talk for awhile (especially if the person speaking Chinese is white, haha.) 

They're hungry for knowledge about God.  Feeling the spirit teaching them went a long way to replenish my own spiritual drought.

Cara came to visit last Monday - it was her birthday this week so we celebrated here.  I'll send some pictures and you'll crack up at our hysterical height difference. 

I am dreaming of a White Christmas just like the one Elder Nebsnii knows!


Love From Liverpool... Sis Gish

ps... who names their child..Gurpreet?

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