Monday, September 29, 2014

What Happens in Liverpool Stays in Liverpool...

The week was pretty good, not my best.  YSA was a different vibe than last time.  All the new students are more anxious and uppity about getting to places on time and more closed off.  However, there were some good things, I think.
My favourite part of the week was the talent show the ward held on Saturday.  Of course the missionaries were involved.  sister Lau had a brilliant idea she'd done in high school :

The Bellagio Fountains... Live!

So we all tied white sheets around us, toga-style, and walked in holding large jugs of water in our hands.  We taped some plastic on the gymnasium floor and played music in the background.  Then in coordination with the music and choreography we toodk big slurps of water and spit them out.  It was hysterical.  The ward was surprised to say the least but I think they liked it.  We certainly had a lot of fun.

Toga Time


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