Monday, October 13, 2014

When One Door Closes... Another Opens...

The activity was fun. We did "Minute-to-Win It" games. Remember doing that with the fam?  I'll attach some pictures.  We moved Skittles with straws, ran around the room with eggs in a spoon, ate donuts off the string, wrapped in toilet paper, and shook ping pong balls out of Kleenex boxes.  I think everyone had a pretty good time, I hope so at least!  My computer works today so I'll send pics. 

Liverpool is still good! Today I located the Beatles museum and determined that it's actually worth paying for, if I have the money. 

  On Saturday I got stuck between train doors. 
 That was almost the level of poop/plunger embarrassment. 

 I jumped on last second, after the bells, leaving my companion standing astonished on the platform behind me. 
 I tried to get back out, panicking that I was leaving Sister Hansen which only lodged me more thoroughly in the doors. 

 They opened after a minute and I released myself and Sister Hansen boarded and everyone in the train stared and I turned bright red.  They made an announcement to
"Please don't attempt boarding while the doors are closing" at which point I covered my name badge and turned to face the corner to avoid all the stares.

It's been a good week. We are teaching a woman from Iran and I'm learning bits of Farsi, I can count to 10!

I'm going to learn how to pray in Farsi and next time we visit Javad I'll offer a blessing on the food in his language. 
She prays, "My Darling Heavenly Father". 
It is
 really sweet. 
That's the news!

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