Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Psychology Paper I Wish I'd Written

Psychology. My 1010 class.

After the teacher handed back the first test he told us that if we re answered the questions we missed and wrote a one page paper describing what we learned from our experience of taking a multiple choice test, he'd give back half the points missed.

I know this is a generous offer, and I took advantage of it so clearly I don't have a lot of room to be snobbish here, but the paper thing got to me. I mean, if the paper had to explain why the answers are correct it' be one thing - but what we learned about test taking strategy is entirely another.

I mean really? I know I'm in a class of mostly freshmen (judge me I'm not in all upper division classes), but we made it this far, shouldn't we at least know how to take multiple choice tests? I'm thinking ACT, SAT,and the eight million other state mandated curricular tests issued in my high school experience. Oh well, I wanted the make up points so I wrote the paper anyway. But here's what I really wanted to say.

First Test - and What I Learned About Multiple Choice (actual title)

I learned that the expectations of intelligence and basic skills for incoming freshman in college are squat.
Other than that?
Wait. I learned I should study a little more.
Actually. I knew that so...

The End

That doesn't fill the one page requirement? Shoot.
Note to self. Next time just study harder, get a better grade, and skip the bitter essay for make up part.

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