Saturday, October 22, 2011

Things That Amuse Me

Ok let's just get it out there. I have a weird sense of humor. After all, what other 19 year old girl voluntarily spends her Saturday morning listening to the hi-LAR-ious puns of NPR? (Carl Kasell thank you for existing.) It's fine. I've come to terms of acceptance with my weird self.

So I'm wacked. Maybe that's why I find this amusing.

(once again *pictures that should go here are at the top because that's all I can figure out. Yes I go to college. Don't worry.)

This is the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom. And a knob to turn in case of emergency.

"Mom! Quick - I've sliced an essential artery! My life is bleeding out! And the worst part is... THERE'S NO PAPER TOWELS!!!! oh please no. the humanity. What Can I Do?????"

"Don't worry **darling! I know what to do in case of an emergency! I'll just TURN THE KNOB!!"
"bleeding miraculously stops. End scene with sunset, violins, and mother-daughter bonding. Another save by the emergency feature of paper towels"


*These pictures by the way were taken very stealthily by yours truly. There were girls washing their hands when I wanted to snap my shots. So I had to resort to fixing my hair. For a long can time. Which is harder than it sounds because my hair is about four inches long. How long can you "fix" an A-line? (I mean, I could have just snapped the shots but I have some pride.) At least I didn't resort to popping zits - but it was close. Hi my name is Sierra and I take pictures in library bathrooms. Date me. I'm real cool.

**My mother has never once called me darling. It it really was her she'd probably use one of her more original terms of endearment. Like buttnugget. True story.

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