Monday, January 23, 2012

In Which I'm Slightly Sappy and Embarrassing.

First of all I don't usually sit at my desk fantasizing about my future eternal flame.
Usually this is how I feel about goopy romantic stuff: blegghhh.
Best friend? You betcha. But the cutesy cheesy stuff can be skipped thankyouverymuch. In fact it really cracks me up (when I should be going all weepy) when someone describes their ideal cuddlemuffin like this, "I just want someone who will hold me when I cry, and who will be there when I call him in the middle of the night."

What does that mean exactly? Is my life abnormally void of drama? Am I supposed to be sobbing more often in the wee hours of the morning? Because when I cry I just get snot everywhere and want to be left alone. And in the middle of the night? Yeah I'm sleeping. Don't wake me up. My heart was never ripped to shreds. Smushed maybe. But mostly I'm good.

No Bruno Mars song for me.
(Cause I'd catch a grenade for ya.
Throw my hand on a blade for ya.
I'd jump in front of a train for ya..)

What exactly am I doing in the path of trains and grenades anyway? Sounds like a personal problem to me. Also. I really hate it when ya is substituted for you. And I'd much rather my lovely cinnabuns stuck around instead.

But today I'm feeling slightly.. eh who knows. Perhaps in light of my upcoming birthday I'm thinking more of my family and future relationships. Or maybe being almost twenty I'm coming to terms with my old maid destiny. I mean, 20 and unmarried? Preposterous! (Sarcasm) So I do sometimes wonder what my precious angelbabe will be like. Mostly because I've noticed that my favorite couples seemed to meet when both were really involved in their respective interests, and those interests overlapped. And boy do I have some weird interests.

My version of the Bruno Mars song would go something like this.

"cause I'd listen to KRCL with ya
read the New York Times with ya
go to the arts festival with ya..

We could shop at the DI
Eat organic foods till we die
(and then binge on really junky food)

see I would rock climb through all the pain
read books to enlarge my brain
yeah i would sit through bad movies with ya baby
and you can do the same
woah wooah woah"

and I hope he doesn't mind that I sometimes snicker at overly romantic moments. I can't take a compliment very well. It usually ends up in giggles. And being "sexy" is like the farthest thing from my comprehension. Really, can you imagine a romantic conversation between me and said shnookums?

"Darling let me whisper you sweet nothings of human biology. Centrosomes. Glucose. Mmm. And then we can study together."


Too hot to handle.

Good luck babe.

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  1. You are the super coolest little lady that I have ever seen on the internet! I have read your WHOLE blog and I will wait with spastic anticipation for every post. Keep on blogging and being super cool. Oh yea, I think you owe me my own post. You know what I want. ;-)