Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Open Letter to the Guy from Accounting Lab

Dear Sir.

This is not a post about how attractive* you are.  (You are.  But probably so is your wife.)  This is also not a post about how great your style is.  (It's great.  But probably so is your wife's.)  What this is, is a chance for me to say thank you.  And to explain to you the depth of my gratitude, something I couldn't have adequately expressed at the moment.  Because if I'd tried to, I might have actually started to cry right there in the lab which would've been real awkward for everyone and not at all helpful in articulating how I felt.

You see, I walked into the lab that morning feeling like I was completely and utterly drowning, trying to keep track of T-Accounts, debiting, crediting, bad debt, and I didn't understand any of it.  I couldn't even memorize things because just looking at the words, so foreign and unintelligible, overwhelmed me and then they blurred and disappeared.

And then you took the time to write down the formulas on the board and explain them clearly (even though you'd just finished doing the same thing for some others) and finally I understood.  It clicked.  The problems made perfect sense and I could work them all out.  You went back to studying in your corner and I went back to studying in mine and that was that.  I said thank you, but really how can you sincerely thank someone from the bottom of your heart in such a casual setting like that?  Unless you noticed the desperation leaving my eyes, there just wasn't a way.

So thank you.  Thank you thank you thank you.

*Sorry Dalt.  You're way cuter of course.

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