Tuesday, June 4, 2013

In Which Sister Gish Kisses Planes 
and Breaks Her First Rule

Did I ever tell you *guys about the tradition started on my trip back East a few weeks ago?  Probably not because I'm a lazy blogger.  Well it all started when Griffin, being the mature adult that he is, dared me to lick the plane before we boarded.  And I, being the mature adult that I am, refused to turn down this dare.  So I walked closely behind Griffin to hide any suspicious activity, cozied on up to the plane and licked it.  I did this in New York and where ever we had that one layover.  It's good luck I think. I also got sick that trip.  No direct relation I'm sure.  

BUT.  Now that I'm a missionary, a dignified representative and all that, I settled on a little better version.  Plane kisses.  Kissed each and every one of them.  You know how they say you kiss all the people your boyfriend/girlfriend has kissed?  Right, well if you kiss me you're getting New York, Chicago, England...  Lucky lucky!  Not that I'm thinking about kissing.  Never.  I'm a good missionary.

Speaking of which, it took me a total of 12 hours to break my first rule.  It was an honest mistake I swear.  After I got set apart, I remembered to shake Clyde's and Justin's hands, NO PROBLEM.  But then the next morning I was saying all of these goodbyes.  Hug Grace, she's a girl it's cool.  Same goes for Allie.  And Mom.  Oh and Griff is family so a nice big hug there.  Papa Jim - Yeah I love that man!  Come here Pops!  Hey my good neighbor Max!  Max!  Let me run up and throw my arms around you!  ...


 Vaguely in the background I heard Allison or Grace go "Wait!..."  But I had no idea what the fetch they were talking about.  Why are those girls so weird?  It took a good 2 or 3 minutes after that to realize I'd broken the "no touchy for non-related-dudes-rule."

Honest mistake.  

I've only been at the MTC for and hour and a half, so not much to report.  But I feel good and excited to be here.  This is awesome.  Stay tuned for more stories next week.  Looks like Billy BYU made it to England with me.  

Love ya!

Seeester Geesh

*Elders and Sisters for those of us in the mission field.  I was informed on the bus that "guys" no longer exist.  No, "hey you guys" or "these guys."

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