Sunday, June 23, 2013


Overlooking Our Area - We cannot stop smiling!

In Which Sister Gish Experiences Whitewashing, and (Naturally) Trips

Ok I didn't just trip.  I full on biffed it.  We were knocking doors, and and someone came outside to answer us.  Of course it startled the bejeebers out of me so I jumped and when I turned around to talk to this nice man and stepped off the walk, causing me to stumble and fall onto his (rather nice) car.  Needless to say, we didn't go into that home.

I can't believe I'm going to turn into a total lame-o and talk about the weather, but I'm going to.  Hashtagsorrynotsorry.  The first day I was here, after I emailed, Sister Nemecs and I went outside into the absolutely drenching rain.  I'll send photos.  I hope wet dog look is in.  But I loved every minute of it.  There are seagulls EVERYWHERE.  I know they're the Utah State Bird and all but they are quickly growing to be my least favorite creatures. So loud. one day I'm going to pull a papa jim and soak bread in tabasco sauce and feed it to the gulls. (Thanks for telling me that story Pops, the mission tradition must go on)

I have to be honest, whitewashing is difficult.  We're starting from scratch with no teaching pool, no investigators, no idea who anyone in the ward is.  Luckily we're doing our best to stop by members home and getting competely lost.  We walk around with a map book like a five year old with a security blanket.  But it's the best way to learn the area.  And I taught myself to learn to like tomatoes, I can teach myself to like knocking doors.

Sister Nemec and I have developed a few strategies though for street contacting.

#1 The lost and lonesome look.
"Excuse me! (hold out map and look non threatening - difficult for me really)

I'm new here (Not a lie for at least a few more weeks)
And I'm a bit lost, will you tell me where this street is?"

"Oh yeah I'm from Utah.  What am I doing here?  Well let me tell you..."

#2 the animal enthusiast approach
I suddenly have turned into a big dog petter.  The sacrifices I make.  Sheesh
"Wow hi there!  What a cute dog!  May I pet it?  Where are you from?  Oh that's really great.  (I don't say cool anymore.  I say Fantastic!  like a true Brit.)  What do you like about living here?  I'm new."  (Still not a lie.)

Nice eh?

So although knocking doors is not the most productive, we're working really hard to friendship the ward members (wonderful ward) so they trust us with their referrals.  There are a lot of less actives and recent converts to work with as well.  In fact we have a *tea appointment tonight with a family and we'll teach then.  While I may not love initial contacting, I really love teaching.  The homes in the ward have a great spirit.  We have a really amazing ward mission leader with vision and enthusiasm.  It's a good system and I know a lot of things will start happening. 

You all got my new address RIGHT?  

Sister Sierra Jade Gish
3 Glendower Ct.
LL18 3SG


Right that's it for now.  Happy Fathers Day to my favorite Pa!

*a tea appointment.  I love that.

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