Sunday, June 30, 2013

My World in Wales

Welcome to My Welsh Morning

In Which Sister Gish Types Rhyl Fast and Has Zero Transitioning Abilities.

It's going to be a bunch of randoms today - apologies for the nuttiness.  But it's me right? When am I ever NOT running late? 

Answer: all the time here in the mission.  I'm so punctual, it's insane.

Bus Contacting Highlights:

Sister Nemec has been very patient with my terror of bus contacting.  Such as: when there was only one person on the bus (a mohawked pierced blue haired fellow) she GENTLY encouraged me to go.  (ie ever so subtly shoved me in his direction.)  As I sat close by trying to think of something to say (I always feel like an idiot) I noticed he smelled rather body odorish.  Just as I thought this, he pulled out a can of spray deodorant and proceed to spritz his entire body. 

 Smelled delightful by the way. 

I've actually found that the crazier punkier looking a person is, the nicer they tend to be.  I have a fond spot for them.

The next time we were on a bus, I struck up a conversation with a lovely girl by asking her where she got her rings and bracelets because I wanted to buy some for my friends birthday.  (Spoiler alert - I was thinking of you Allison White.  Guess what you're getting next year?)  We talked for about 20 minutes and I invited her to a special musical fireside this Sunday* and gave her a card with our number on it.  Well that simply wouldn't do.  Sister Nemec watched this interaction and then "dropped" her map close to my seat so she could walk over, pick it up, and say in my ear - get HER number."  After a few more minutes of talking, and as her stop approached, Sister Nemec again came over to "borrow my planner" which she then handed back to me with the page open to where she'd written GET HER NUMBER.

I got it. 

Have I mentioned I love my trainer? 

Actually I really do, and I even felt (a little) bit guilty for laughing at her today when she got pooped on by a seagull.  (Pictures to follow).  Have I mentioned I detest those animals?  Again - sorry Utah.  Sorry pioneers who were rescued from the crickets.

We had the YW over to our flat on Wednesday to talk to them about missionary work.  We told them all the crazy things we do in a day and about the rules and schedule.  But then we switched it up on them and explained WHY it was we're willing to do all this.  The spirit that came into the house was just ... beyond words really.  We're taking them on splits next week. 

Tomorrow we get to go to the Temple.  I'm so excited.  Catch you all in a week.

*All the sister missionaries sang and Sister Nemec played the guitar.  It was amazing.  Hashtagsomuchspirichal.  But really I loved it.  I felt like the entire chapel was just lifted up.  There are so many wonderful things here.
Oh. one more thing.  Sister Nemec bought some new sheets.  I think the pictures will do enough for the explanation.

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