Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dear Lizzie

Dear Lizzie,

I just wanted to thank you for those green workout shorts you gave to me.  Ok, you didn't actually give them to me. I took them out of the trash bag you'd designated for give-away clothes.  But you said I could.  So basically it's the same thing.

Now that's it's finally warm enough to wear them, I was pretty excited to put on those shorts.  I went to the gym and biked (the kind of bike that you recline on, you know that kind I'm talking about?  Not an upright bike) and they were so comfortable and man I felt GREAT!

You'll also be pleased to know that I didn't notice the huge hole in the crotch until I returned home.  An hour later.

Can't wait to see you!



1 comment:

  1. hahahaha!!! oh my goodness, as i was reading this i'm thinking, "does she know there is a huge hole in the crotch of those?" counting down the days until i can see you!