Saturday, March 30, 2013

Anyone else feel like an idiot trying to flirt-text?  Anyone?

I have an idea.  How 'bout you just call me up and we go on a date instead and talk like... I don't know what like.  LIKE TWO PEOPLE WHO CAN HOLD A CONVERSATION.

Good comparison eh?

Or better yet?  Why don't I call you up?  Oh right, because I'm a wuss.  Yeesh.

I feel like it should be easier flirt-text.  Flixt?  Tirt?  Flex?  I have all this time to craft the perfect response, but that only results in over-thinking every word.  Talking in person fosters more genuine reactions I think.  If I'm awkward now (after 21 years) I can only imagine the results after I've spent 18 months completely restricted from all flirtatious interactions.

Did you hear that?  It was the sound of minds blowing.  Mind-blowingly awkward.


  1. Ha ha wow, I love this. So true to life! I will now use "tirt" in my daily vocabulary.

  2. I agree...haha tirt. I just had a conversation about this. I think when my last relationship ended, I was most disappointed that I was going to have to back to tirting. hahahaha "tirting"!!!