Friday, November 25, 2011

For Ang

Normally I'm not much for posting pictures of myself.

But a comment from this gal changed my mind. "Girl. Pretty sure reading your blog is going to become my favorite pastime. Can I make a request? I wanna see that 4 inch long A line of yours. Yes, I might have just read ALL of your posts."

Stop right there. You read all my posts?

*Falls to the floor in a faint*

Request anything you want.

My affection and undying loyalty have been bought. I am not above bribery - go ahead, stroke my ego. I'll blog about whatever. Heck I may even write you a song.

(Mom I think the reader total is high** enough now, you can stop paying people.)

Ang thanks for making my day.

**five. SD = plus or minus 3


  1. I'd like a song and dance of undying gratitude toward Ang.

  2. I am so glad you have a blog! Haha now I no longer have to resort to Facebook stalking you...just blog stalking :D! HEY Sierra....Is that a new shirt? Cause the tag is still on!!!

  3. hey saRAH! Are your Legs COLD? Cause they're COVerED in GOOSEBUMPS! and stalk me all you want, keep commenting and i'll take post requests. Also, you should update yours more often.

  4. I'll give you your MORP pictures. Done deal right there.