Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nesting. Someone Stop Me.

Well I made it. I moved into my new place of residence and I love it.

You know you've been living in a sleep study when the most exciting part of your day includes a tub only shared by two people, (two! no more waking up at the butt crack of dawn to maneuver twenty other girls out of their showering spots) an oven, and .... drumroll please... my very own Washing. Machine! Bliss.

It feels like I live in a house again. And with that has come this insatiable urge to decorate. All I can think is, (use your imaginary high pitched squealing voice - you know, the one I hate) "oh em GEE! We can buy coordinating furniture! And put up pictures! And Christmas lights on Christmas! And a tree! And precious inspiring quotes everywhere! Matching sweaters anyone?
I dunno what it is. I'm nesting or something. Slap me before I pull out the scrapbook.

All mocking aside, it does make me excited for my own home someday. I want to thrift ninety percent of the decorations and then pay ridiculous amounts for the remaining ten percent on stuff that just looks like it's been thrifted. I think it comes out of my desire to create. Create something wonderful where nothing was before. Nothing mock-worthy there.

Other random thoughts.
Apparently "thrifted" isn't a word. Go away hateful squiggly red line. It should be a word.
Did my post so eloquently entitled "squelch" ever show up? I swear I posted that a solid five to ten times.
Everyone keeps talking about how they're already in the Christmas mood. I'm not feeling it. I haven't even thought about Thanksgiving. Does that make me a scrooge? I think I'm just too busy to even think about vacation yet.

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