Thursday, November 3, 2011


It used to be facebook.

Then I met stumbleupon.

Then it was various pointless websites (grouchyrabbit, iwastesomuchtime, dearblankpleaseblank)

Mix in a little blogstalking. (50% I know, the other 50%... not so much)

And then I started a blog.

Now when I have large blocks of time in which I should be studying I end up writing several posts. Usually I just save them as drafts so I can easily post them later. Cause sometimes when it's rolling around in my brain I just gotta write it down.

Eventually I ended up getting tired of the previous distractions.

But I have a feeling this one will last quite awhile. Probably because I get to talk all about my view of the world and no one interrupts.

Hello procrastination. Thy name is blogger.

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