Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Grouchy Rant. Or a Call to Higher Standards. You Choose.

You know what phrase I hate? Not actually like a catchphrase (what's the sitch?) but something people say all the time when talking about service. It's become so canned and cliched. The conversation goes something like this, "service doesn't have to be hard guys, just a simple smile can make someone's day."
Aaaaaand cue: vomit reflex.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about being friendly, having a positive attitude, and taking a minute to do something kind. But I am so past this "just smile" junk. Because I think we can do more.

Guess what? We're out of Jr. High. That was back when smiling at the wrong person could mean either:
1) you like them (and heaven forbid anyone find that out)
2) social suey. "what??? you just smiled at that girl?! She has braces AND last years jeans. You are OUT! Go sit by the trashcans at lunch."

Most people I interact with on a daily basis DO smile. I think it's time we went a little bit farther. How about sincerely asking how someone is, not accepting "fine" and actually listening to the answer? How about writing a short note to someone thanking them for a service they did? an anonymous note about a specific characteristic you love? Pick up someone's favorite candy bar or pack of gum at your local wally-world. (I so live in a college town.) Actually don't do that, the Mart of the Wal = bad bad place. Go to a mom and pop store instead, fight monopolizing corporations and make someone's day. Two birds with one stone. Boo ya. Or pull an Alyssa and scrape the snow off of my car. Pull a Landon and toss me a chocolate pudding like it's no big deal.

By all means keep smiling. That's wonderful. A great first step. But please someday move on - move up. Cut the surface-y junk examples and think about REAL life.

We can do this people.

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  1. I had no idea you could "tag" me in your posts. Haha and I'm just getting around to reading some of these earlier posts because I'm such a great friend like that... haha love ya